2017 Calvin Lectures


“Christian Obedience in a Confusing Culture”

A series of three lectures by Dr. Richard J. Mouw on Christian civility and God’s role in our daily lives.

The Calvin Lectures brochure. Click here for your copy.

Schedule of events

Saturday, October 7

Lecture One: “Enjoying What God Enjoys.” Click here to listen.

Lecture Two: “Daily Discipleship.” Click here to listen.

Lecture Three: “The Call to Civility.” Click here to listen.

Sunday, October 8

Dr. Mouw preaches “The Many Altars Around Us.” Click here to listen.

Note: Dr. Mouw answered questions as part of his three lectures. Since he was holding the microphone, his answers come through loud and clear. The questions, however, are barely discernible, so be patient and learn as much as your can from his answers.

About Dr. Mouw
      Dr. Richard J. Mouw is professor of Faith and Public Life at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he also served for two decades as the school’s president. Mouw earned his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Chicago, and taught for seventeen years at Calvin College before joining the Fuller faculty in 1985.       Mouw is a leader in interfaith dialogue and serves on many boards and panels. Of the twenty books he has authored, the best known is his Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. He writes the “Civil Evangelicalism” column for Religion News Service.

 Lecture Detail

Enjoying What God Enjoys
In our efforts to do the will of God in our lives, it is helpful to pay attention to the kinds of things in which God takes delight. God rejoices in the things of creation, and God wants us to as well.Daily Discipleship
The details of our daily lives matter to God:work, play, entertainment, family life, friendships. our engagements as citizens. Learning to please the Lord in these things means, for starters, acknowledging that Jesus is the Lord of all of life.

The Call to Civility
Incivility is widespread in our culture these days. What does it mean for Christians to be “civil” toward folks with whom we may have serious disagreements about important matters?

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