Access ACS Login

After reading the explanation below, click on the blue “Access ACS Login” to join the First Church electronic community. Also, we now have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the bottom of this page.

Access ACS login

How Does Access ACS Work?

  • Access ACS is available to members of First Presbyterian Church and contributors.
  • In order to log onto to Access ACS, we must have an e-mail address on file for you. Your first name, last name and e-mail address must match what is on file, or you will not be allowed to create a log in. For example, if you aren’t sure if we have you listed as William or Bill, just call the office to find out.
  • You must register as a new user the first time. Underneath the blue box, you’ll see “Need a login? Click here” and you’ll click on that link.
  • The next screen is the Account Sign Up. You’ll type in your e-mail address, First Name and Last Name and click Find Me. (Note: Sometimes entering your name can be trickier than it needs to be depending upon how you are identified in our database. One recent example… we’ll invent a gentleman called Stanley Breck Jr. Stanley tried multiple times to log into our system and could not. The first time he called himself “Stan” and that didn’t work. The second time he forgot the “Jr.” and that didn’t work, and the third time he failed when he spelled “Jr.” without the period. The name has to match our database exactly.)
  • If your information matches, you will get a message indicating you have successfully set up a member account. A user name and password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address that is on file for you.
  • You will need to remember your user name but don’t worry about trying to memorize the obscure password ACS provides because you will be required to change it the first time you log in.

Creating a Strong Password
When creating or resetting a password, you must get a green bar for password strength. As you create your password, remember the following:

  • It should not contain your user name or e-mail.
  • It should not include any of the following characters: < & > / \ ; % [space] ‘ “
  • It should contain two or more numbers.
  • It should contain both lower and upper case characters.
  • It should be over 8 characters long.

You might find it useful to print a copy of this page for reference, and bookmark the new page that opens from this link.
You will be able to submit updates to your e-mail address, cell phone number or mailing address. Changes will be reviewed and accepted by Jim Blaine, Publications Coordinator & Webmaster, and Joy Keys, the Administrative Assistant. You will be able to view your own contributions, but you will not be able to view contribution information on anyone outside your family. All records are uploaded, but Sunday School and church members may go to the Personal Preferences page under My Profile and indicate whether other members may be allowed to view their address, phone number, e-mail address and photo if applicable.

  • If you forget your password, go to login screen and click the hyperlink “Forgot your password?”, located right under User Name and Password. We can provide your user name, but do not have access to passwords.

I hope you enjoy this feature of our website. In a way, it makes your personal information even more secure since the church directory will not longer be available to anyone who visits the church and will instead be shielded by individual passwords. If you have questions or problems, please contact Ruthie Dent or Joy Keys.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I didn’t get my password from ACS or I forgot my password.
A. For the first part of this question, please check the “junk mail” folder of your e-mail application. Your machine-generated password from ACS may have ended up there. After you have that password and use it on the site, it will prompt you to create your own, more easily remembered password.
Now, if you didn’t get ANYTHING from ACS or you have forgotten your password, the procedure is the same. Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the ACS Login screen and go through the procedure to create another password. It bears repeating that neither ACS nor First Presbyterian Church keeps your passwords (or has any access to them whatsoever) for security purposes. If you continue to have problems, either Joy Keys or I (Ruthie Dent) will be happy to get on the phone with you and walk you through the procedure. Remember, too, that if you need to generate a new password, you may want to disable the “spam” protection of your e-mail application temporarily to make sure you get the ACS e-mail. Now, if you still find you can’t log in on your own, Jim Blaine can go into the site and assign you a simple password to get you online. However, you will need to change that password at your first opportunity.

Q. I am trying to log in using my User Name rather than my e-mail address and it isn’t working. What’s wrong?
A. ACS Access is a little tricky here. First, I recommend using your e-mail address rather than your name. ACS will send you a User Name when you successfully register. Usually it is a combined name like this: JimBlaine, JoyKeys, MikeGarrett, etc. But if you are a Jr or there is someone else with a similar name, that simple trick of combining your first and last names may not be your User Name on the system. So watch out for that. Otherwise, combining your name should get you in using the User Name option. (Note: If logging in for the first time and you see the “Find Me” button, you DO NOT have to combine your name with no spaces. In fact, the system may not be able to find you if you combine them at this stage.)

Q. I want to delete my home phone number from the ACS Access Web site. The site won’t let me do that. What do I do?
A. The site won’t let you delete a home phone number because, if it did, it would also delete it from our database here at the church and we would lose that avenue to contact you. But you can block anyone from seeing your home phone number. On the site, go to Home/Account/Personal Preferences and uncheck the boxes that allow others on the site to view your home phone number. Please uncheck both (there are 2) boxes. From now on, your home phone will not show up in the directory.

Q. The paper directory had a listing for my home and business phone numbers. How can I get my business phone to show up in the online ACS directory?
A. You can’t. At this time only one “preferred” phone number shows up on the ACS site. We are aware of the problem and if we find a workaround, we can restore business phones to the online directory. But not at this time.

Q. Why isn’t my Sunday School class (or other group affiliation) showing up in My Groups section? Why is my old group affiliation still showing up?
A. We are working on creating an “online community” for our Sunday School classes and other groups. But most of our Sunday School classes don’t take attendance these days and only the class leader has a roster. So it will take some time to get things more organized on the Web site. Please be patient. Much the same goes for our other group information. Much of it isn’t as current as it should be and we will be working to organize the groups more effectively.

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