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Call for elder and deacon nominations: Election set for after services on Sunday, October 28th

At this time of year First Presbyterian Church seeks recommendations from the congregation for persons to serve as elders or deacons, Class of 2021. Your Nominating Committee will be seeking your recommendations for nominees through Sunday, September 9, 2018. Please think carefully about whom you feel is called to serve and lead our congregation as an elder or deacon. The Nominating Committee will use the coming months to pray over your recommendations and have the conversations needed to present to you an excellent group of nominees for your vote and approval. That vote will take place on the last Sunday in October.

Click here to make your nominations online.

Below is a list of people who are currently serving as church officers. Some are not eligible to be nominated as elder. Also not eligible to serve as officers are our elders emeriti: Hilda Kirby, Edward Pridgen, Gillie Revelle, John Rose Jr., and John Williams.

Active elders not eligible for nomination as elder:
Maude Bledsoe
Sherri Blight
Herb Bryan
Wade Byrd
Debra Chestnutt
Alva Cromartie
David Darden, Jr.
Bill Deaton Jr.
Kevin Hall
Gary Hardin
Larry Hogan
Linda Huff
Mel Kankelfritz
Bud Lafferty
Buzz Loyd
Dianne MacIlwinen
Bill McFadyen
Kaye McRainey
Joann Pearce
Brian Pearce
Terry Plummer
Mark Regensburger
Ann Rowell
Carol Short
Active deacons not eligible for nomination as deacon, but may be nominated for elder:
Wells Alderman
Tina Baker
Warren Baker
Brant Brock
Debbie Brock
Tom Brooks
John Campbell
Jeb Cleveland
Lynda Deaton
Travis Hibler
Roger Holmes
Sandra Joyce
Susie McFadyen
Carrie McMahon
Kate O’Keefe
Don Perkins
Kellie Pfaff Perkins
Diane Regensburger
Terry Sasser
Bowman Smith
Paul Sparzak
Beverly Stewart
Don Wherren
The Session (Elders)    
CLASS OF 2018 CLASS OF 2019 CLASS OF 2020  
Sherri Schrumm Blight Herbert Hodgin Bryan Maude Cornwall Bledsoe  
Wade Evans Byrd Alva Simpson Cromartie II Clayton William “Bill” Deaton Jr.  
Debra Chestnutt David Kenneth Darden Jr. Linda Baker Huff  
James Larry Hogan Kevin Dale Hall Melvin L. Kankelfritz  
Frank Royal “Buzz” Loyd, Jr. Gary Layton Hardin Burns Lafferty  
William C. McFadyen Dianne Moore MacIlwinen Kaye Lifsey McRainey  
Catherine Joann Hocutt Pearce Mark Richard Regensburger Christopher Brian Pearce  
Terry Alan Plummer  Carol Manning Short Margaret Ann Griffin Rowell  
The Diaconate (Deacons)    
CLASS OF 2018 CLASS OF 2019  CLASS OF 2020  
Thomas Warren Baker Thomas Lea Brooks IV David Wells Alderman IV  
Tina S. Baker John Franklin Campbell Linda Martin Andersen  
Jeb Stuart Scott Cleveland Travis Evans Hibler Brantley Armstead Brock Jr.  
Sandra Burgess Joyce Roger Graham Holmes Deborah Faircloth Brock  
Donald Lee Perkins Susanna Hudson McFadyen Lynda Faircloth Deaton  
Kellie Pfaff Perkins Caroline Blackburn McMahon Kate Ejedepang-Koge-O’Keefe  
Beverly Stokes Stewart Diane Vyvyan Regensburger Terry Preston Sasser  
 Donald Robert Wherren Paul Boyd Sparzak Woodland Bowman Smith  

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A Congregational Meeting is called by the Session for the following purpose: To elect eight persons to serve on the Session, Class of 2021, and eight persons to serve on the Diaconate, the Class of 2021. A report and recommendations will be presented by your Officer Nominating Committee. Nominations may be received “from the floor” with the prior consent of the nominee and the prior notification of the moderator (Dr. Garrett).










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