Music Enrichment Program
for 3- and 4-year-olds
(now included in the curriculum at FirstSchool)
    Ages 12-24 months Mother’s Morning Out – Ages 12-24 months, available Tuesday through Thursday. Two teachers per 8 children.
      2 Year Olds MWF & TTh Two-year-olds: First School offers a M/W/F class and a T/TH class Two teachers per 10 children.
      3 Year Olds MWF & TTh Three-year-olds: M/W/F class and T/TH class. Two teachers per 12 children.
      4 Year Olds M-Th & M-F Four-year-olds: M/T/W/TH, and M/T/W/T/F classes. Two teachers per 14 children.

Fee Schedule

Registration: $100 For another sibling: $75
Tuition Rates
One day (only applies to Mother’s Morning Out): $95 a month
Two-day program: $165 a month
Three-day program: $200 a month
Four-day program: $235 a month
Five-day program: $265 a month

For more information:

First School Director, Julie MacRae e-mail
Contact her for any additional information about First School and its programs. The number is 483-0146.


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