Fall 2018 Wednesday Together Meal Plans

Our catered meals for the Fall 2018 semester are Homestyle Meals designed to provide healthy options for our church families to engage in sharing a congregational meal based around family fellowship.  However, please invite those who do not attend to come with you or bring a friend!


  1. Service for meals will start at 5:00 pm and run until 5:30pm to include participants who work until 5 pm, allowing them time to arrive and participate. Classes for children start at 5:45 pm and for adults, 6:00pm.
  2. Homestyle Meals will include the entrée and two sides from Evan’s Catering. 
  3. Since the majority of participants pay for meals, only a few prearranged attendees will bring fruit, bread, or desserts.
  4. The cost for the meal is $8.00 per adult or teen, payable either in advance (weekly or monthly) or in person on Wednesday nights.
  5. Children eat free hot dogs, chips, and applesauce OR a smaller serving of the Homestyle Meal with paid parent meals. 
  6. If you are new to Wednesday Together, click the date/meal below to add your information to our listing for that day. Sign up in advance weekly OR for the entire semester by making a permanent reliable reservation. If you cannot attend for any reason, you will need to delete the reservation on the week you are NOT attending. Please do so by 2 p.m. the Sunday before the Wednesday meal to avoid leaving the church with the bill for your meal.  
  7. Gluten-free, vegan, & vegetarian options are available for each meal: either a chopped salad or a veggie plate. Choose vegetarian if you prefer not to eat beef or pork.
  8. CLICK ON THE WORDS IN ANY ROW BELOW to go to that meal’s reservation sheet.



Caterer’s Homestyle Menu

November 14 Thanksgiving Celebration Roast turkey, cornbread dressing, gravy, collard greens, & candied yams
November 21 Thanksgiving holiday & Christ the King Day No meal or classes
November 28 Home Cooking Night Herb roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, & green beans
December 5 Home Cooking Night Roast pork loin, red bliss potatoes with herb butter, & steamed cabbage & onions
December 12 Children’s Christmas Play Dinner Baked lasagna, tossed garden salad, dressing, & fruit salad


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Night/Meal plan Church provides Participants provide
      Pay $7 or bring your favorite side, cornbread, beans, buns, salad, fruit, chips, or dessert to go with the meal.


  1. The church will provide the main entrée and, most of the time, this will be an item from Evan’s Catering.
  2. For those contributing foods needed for EXPRESS FLEX meals, such as sides, salads, desserts, fruit, dips, spreads, breads, or other food items, please plan to spend approximately $7.00 per person (including your time, gas, and food.) Check the sign-up list for numbers and variety of choices, posted weekly. (You may contribute more than one food item.)
  3. For those not contributing food for EXPRESS FLEX meals, the cost is $7.00 per adult, payable either in advance or on Wednesday nights. Standing reservations are already noted on the Wednesday Together signup sheets, but if you decide NOT to attend, you will need to delete the reservation on the week you are NOT attending.)
  4.  You may elect to have your meal packed for take-out. Just let the servers know you need a container.
  5. All children eat free with parent contribution (paid parent meals or contributed dish.)  Children may order hot dogs, chips, and applesauce OR partake in the “Express Flex Meal.” Teenagers are expected to eat the adult meals.
  6. Please sign-up online at before each Sunday by 2 p.m. so that orders may be given to the caterer promptly.

Spring 2018 Wednesday Together Express Flex Meal Schedule

5:10pm – Participants bring food to the Fellowship Hall.

5:15pm – Meal begins! Everyone eats!

5:40pm – Volunteers escort children to Education Building for classes at 5:45 p.m.   (Parents, please stay and continue meal.)

5:45pm – Announcements

5:50pm – Clean-up

5:55pm – Clean up and participants going to adult classes depart

6:00pm – Adult classes and Celebration Choir start


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