The formal rollout for First Presbyterian’s new app was Sunday, March 26th. The App is available for smart phones that use Google’s Android operating system or the Apple OS. Tablets are not supported by the App at this time.

How to Get the App

1. Go to your iTunes app store or Google Play store
2. Search for “First Prez Fayetteville”
3. Look for the green icon with “FPC” on it; click download or “get it.” You may have to type in your app store password at some point.
4. Open the app and click the three-bar icon. Under Settings, click on Notifications, then enable your notifications by turning them On. We promise to use Notifications wisely and sparingly.
5. You can also choose to join a ministry sub-group: Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, or Children’s Ministry. If you enable one of these sub-groups, you will receive more frequent notifications that pertain to that ministry.
6. Go back to the app’s home page and have fun exploring!

What You Can Do with the App

1. With the Events tab, you can keep up-to-date with the goings-on of the church. You will be able to register for certain events right from the phone. You can also choose to add certain events to your phone calendar so you won’t forget.
2. You can stream or download sermons or musical performances to listen to on the go.
3. On the Bible tab, you can keep up with daily Bible readings, which will, over time, take you through the entire Bible. You can also choose to listen to the daily Bible reading if you want!
4. You will have the option of making a financial donation to the church by way of the Giving tab. You can set up a bank draft or pay by credit card.

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