Dinner For Six-ish is a fun super social dining program.

Each year, there are 3 sessions that run 3 months each.

The sessions run January through March, April through June and September through November. At the beginning of each session, we will check into see if participants want to “re-up” or need to skip it until the next session. We understand that people get busy sometimes!

The basics of the program work like this….

  1. Fill out a registration form (located in Eller Hall), drop off the form to the box in Eller Hall or email the information to lobpt01@verizon.net
  2. Groups of 6-ish will be formed. A host will be designated from that group (based on willingness to host).
  3. The host will survey the group to find a mutually agreeable date and time. There is a 3 month window to find a date. We are NOT that busy – it can work! Lunch or dining out (dutch) are also possibilities.
  4. The host will decide and provide a main course. The rest of the group will provide sides (appetizers, veggies, fruits, desserts, etc.) or beverages. The host will coordinate this.
  5. We are always available to help and answer questions. You can reach out to Ann McRae, Madeline Baker or Lou Brooks, or call the church office, for more information.

This program is for singles, couples, families! Everyone is welcome…. members or non-members! Please recruit additional participants – even if only for one session. The more the better!