Mexico Missions

2021 Mexico Mission Update:

The mobilization of volunteers has been postponed to the summer of 2022. We continue to pray for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the people in Reynosa.
Feel free to reach out to Diane Regensburger ( or Pastor Matt ( for more information.

The First Presbyterian Church Witness Committee has allocated $6000 for the Faith Ministry mission. Our partnership with Faith Ministry enables our congregation to provide food and life-giving assistance to families in Reynosa.


The Buy a Block/Build a House program

It takes approximately 600 blocks to build a 12’ x 24’ home in Mexico. The Witness Committee – under the authority of the Session – has created the Buy A Block/Build A House program to allow more people to participate directly in the Mexico Mission. All who wish to join are encouraged to buy blocks at $10 each. You can buy as many as you wish and we will track the progress in Eller Hall. Donation envelopes and a box to put them in are located in Eller Hall.
In addition, we want everyone to fill in index cards with prayers and favorite Scriptures for the families we will build the houses for. As the team builds the walls of the houses, we will place the cards in the blocks so that as we build the house, we will also cover the house with Scripture and prayers for the families. Again, these cards are in Eller Hall.
We hope that everyone in the congregation will participate in both the buying of blocks AND covering the families with Holy Scripture and prayer. It is not necessary that you buy a block in order to participate in the Scripture/prayer ministry.


The 2019 Mission to Mexico

2019 Team:

Madeline Baker
Jean Coffman
Reese Farnham
Linda Good
Amanda Holmes
Lauren Holmes
Erin Jackson
Jamie McFadyen
Jada McLeod
Michael Navejas
Diane Regensburger
Jacob Regensburger
Haley Robinson
Becky West
Jonathan West
Kaleb Wilkes

Erin, Amanda and Linda, pouring the roof at Casa #7! — with Linda Good.

Jada, Wendy, Michael and Erin at Casa #13!

Mixing mezcal to build the walls of Casa #12! — with Jamie McFadyen, Diane Vyvyan Regensburger and Jacob Regensburger.

Brandon and Malachi, laying blocks at Casa #12!



The Sanchez family – this home will be for Angel, who is our construction supervisor. Also sharing the space will be his younger brother Fernando, who also works for us as a long-term volunteer, as well as Fernando’s wife Karina, and their three kids: Kendra (age 9, 3rd grade), Remigio (age 3) and Itziry Fernanda (age 1 ½).
The Perez family – José, who works for us as our garden caretaker and nightguard, his sons José Cruz, who works for us as a construction foreman, and Roberto, who works in a factory, and José Cruz’s three daugthers: Judith (age 12, 5th grade), Grecia (age 11, 3rd grade), and Aylin (age 8, 1st grade).


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