Sanctuary Modernization

Why Modernize the Sanctuary?

The sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church is a beautiful and historic centerpiece for our congregation’s life. We gather here for worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals and many other special events that serve both our church and community. The last major renovation of the sanctuary was completed in 1960, which
included the expansion of the building by 50 feet.

After more than 60 years of use, the leadership of our congregation believes the time is right to modernize this important space to serve rising generations, while maintaining its historic character. A sanctuary modernization team, appointed by the session, has met for several years in order to create a plan to meet these goals.

Key Features of the Plan

All aspects of the plan are important but some will be more visible than others.

Key features will include:

  • A new state of the art sound system to greatly improve the listening experience.
  • New lighting throughout the sanctuary to better illuminate the space, especially the front platform area. This will include the complete electrical rewiring of the sanctuary, much needed after 60 years.
  • Renovation of the choir loft area to include new movable seating, and new flooring.
  • Expansion of the front platform area to include a new, lower middle stage. This will enable easy access from the sanctuary with less steep and safer steps. Marble flooring will be used in the front area of the sanctuary to improve acoustics.
  • Refinishing of sanctuary pews, with more space between pews in the middle section.
  • New carpet and paint, while maintaining the current color scheme.
  • Improvements to enable better seating and access for those using wheelchairs or other equipment to assist mobility.

Note the central platform steps, raised communion table, and baptismal font in the new design.

Note the improved elevation in the choir loft, new middle platform and enlarged open floor space at the front of the sanctuary.

Note the new flexible configuration of the choir loft and improved access to the platform from the sanctuary.

How You Can Support The Sanctuary Modernization Campaign

We are seeking to raise $1,300,000.

Renovations to begin after Easter and be completed by fall 2024. Immediate donations will be appreciated so we can pay as much of the work as it progresses as possible. Funding will come from pledges received. If we need funds before pledges are paid in full, we will borrow from the Finance Committee or local bank.

Pledges up to $2,500 should be paid in year one.
Pledges of $2,500-$10,000 should be paid in two years.
Pledges above $10,000 can be paid in three years.

How to make your pledge

Complete your Sanctuary Modernization Pledge form online below:

Pledge forms can also be found at the entrances to the Chapel, entrances to the Sanctuary and in Eller Hall. You can drop off your pledge form to the church office or mail it to First Presbyterian Church, PO Box 569, Fayetteville, NC 28302

Funds must be submitted to the church in the form of cash or check and marked as “Sanctuary Modernization”. We are not able to accept online giving for this project.

For additional information contact a member of the Modernization Task Force:
Wade Byrd
Buzz Loyd
Ralph Huff
Dianne MacIlwinen
Jennifer Hammond
Dan McInnis
Carol Short
Dr. Mike Garrett