2023 Stewardship

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Let Us Encourage

Has a kind word, a compliment, or something a person said to you in a validating way made you smile?
It feels even more uplifting if it is said in a group of people.

We’ve all written that “note to self” to do more encouraging. Romans 12, verse 8 says, “….If it is encouraging, then let him encourage.” Paul is saying this in the context of encouraging being a gift or a talent. We have seen the power and value of a kind word, and now we connect that action to scripture.

Have we ever considered encouraging as a tool of stewardship? If we think of
encouragement in the context of “time, talent and treasure”, it is clearly a talent.
Best of all, encouraging costs nothing in terms of treasure.
The return on this investment of talent can be priceless.

Let Us Serve
Has a friend or church member answered your needs or been of service to you by being present, paying attention, working through an issue or problem, looking after or taking charge of something for you? This gift of service, sometimes called “helps,” is the ability to step in and meet the practical needs of individuals or the church as a whole.

We all have a need to serve as part of our human nature but, as Christians, the act of service to others is even more compelling because of Christ’s perfect example. We, as Christians, are one body of Christ with many members (Romans 8:4), and we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We care, serve, and love because He first loved us. In Romans 12:7, the Bible says if our gift is serving, “then let us serve.” Paul is saying this in the context of using our gift of service as being a talent or treasure that we share with others just as Christ did. It is love in action.

Have you ever considered serving as a gift, as a tithe, or tool of stewardship? As stewards of Christ’s love, we serve because He served us. Our gifts of time, talent, and treasure are what we contribute as love in action by being the hands and feet of Jesus to others. As we give, our investment in bringing others into the body and presence of Christ is definitely priceless!

Let Us Teach
Has a teacher or leader here at church answered your needs or been a friend or made a lasting impact on your life in times of distress or celebration, leading you to God’s promises or Jesus’s amazing parables? We all have that desire and ability to touch the lives of others as we teach by example everyday in the manner and in the way we live our lives. Romans 12, verse 8 says, “…if it is teaching, let him teach.” We have seen the lasting impacts that teachers create with their methods of sharing personal experiences and simplifying biblical promises that uplift us and inspire us to learn more about Jesus and the kingdom of God.

Have you ever considered teaching as a gift, as a tithe, or a tool of stewardship?
As we teach we can emulate Christ’s example to define truth and make God’s
word simple and clear for all ages to follow. Teaching can be a vital work of
stewardship and reaps rewards to both teacher and student. The gift of
teaching can last a lifetime to solidify trusting relationships, an endless
resource that costs nothing except the gift of yourself, sharing your time
and talents with others of all ages.

Let Us Contribute

When we are “contributing” in a church setting we almost invariably think of giving money or tithing to the church. It is important that the church be financially supported in order to do the work of God.

Romans 12:8 says “all should financially support the work of God.” This support can be financial but can also be gifts of mercy. It is a joyful and cheerful giver that shows compassion and kindness. In this church we have seen the lasting impact that financial contributions can have on the lives of others, particularly with our mission work, both locally and abroad.

If you have no already financially contributed to the church, please consider making a financial contribution and/or investment. Contribution/investments to the church directly help others either by having a direct effect on their physical and mental wellbeing or by spreading God’s word through the teachings of his son Jesus Christ. Please consider these gifts a joyful and cheerful way of following God’s teachings.